Casa Elizabeth

Casa Elizabeth is a crisis pregnancy center and home for teenage girls. Over 16 percent of teenage girls in Ecuador get pregnant, with eighty percent of the pregnancies unwanted and many of them do not have any support, financially or from family to help them through this difficult time. Our heart is to provide a safe place where they can see and feel the love of Jesus Christ and receive the support that they need during this crisis. We have a home where the girls can live and receive pre/post-natal care as well as training to be a mother and other life skills.

The name of the house is Casa Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. She was known as a woman that followed the Lord but did not have any children. When she was in her old age, her prayers were answered and she became pregnant. An angel of the Lord told her husband, Zechariah the priest, that Elizabeth would have a son that would be a joy and a delight (see Luke 1:5-17).

Our prayer is that these girls will see their child as a joy and a delight and that they become women who follow the Lord like Elizabeth.

It costs approximately $380 per mother and baby each month to stay at Casa Elizabeth and receive the care and training. We provide 100% of the needs for the mother and baby and we trust that the Lord will provide 100% of our needs. We would ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry.