Honduras is the fourth country in Latin America where Inca Link has begun to serve. Since April 2019, our missionary Daniel Ascencio began an exploratory work on how to reach the new generations through our Evangelism and Discipleship programs, Training Leaders, Connecting People and Compassion Ministries. In February 2020, Daniel was joined by his wife, Nayeli, to continue ministering to the Honduran people.

Currently we support a soccer project in Meroa 8, we run a discipleship program in Pueblo Viejo (which began as a film project) and we serve as Youth Directors of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Honduras.

Daniel and Nayeli live in a city in the mountains of Honduras called “La Esperanza – Intibucá”.


We support this project remotely with resources and training their leader Omar Ciru, who is using soccer to disciple children of this community.

The problem in this area is that children aspire to study up to 6th grade at most (in the best of cases), and after that they look for a job in palm harvesting, driving motorcycle taxis or boats, etc. All this due to the limited development opportunities in a community where you can only get there by boat. Another product of these circumstances is that there is a high teen pregnancy rate. Omar’s mission is to use soccer as a means of discipleship for men and women to show them the irresistible love of Christ, and based on a personal encounter with Him they can make the best decisions for their lives.

La Sierra – Pueblo Viejo

This is a project that we develop every week using this process:

  1. Define the problem: In the mountains of Honduras, the vast majority of families are dedicated to agriculture, as the population is of Lenca descent. Because the Lencas are a shy people, they do not express their feelings and the only means they have to express themselves is through the excessive use of alcohol, which has produced many social problems such as teenage pregnancies, abuse, up to the point of teen suicide.
  2. We started doing a movie program since they don’t have a nearby cinema. We just wanted them to have a distraction after their long work day in the fields with free popcorn and a drink. Through this, we tell them that they are not alone and that God loves them and if they need someone to talk to, we are here to listen to them. Praise God we were able to see the fruits of families looking for God through the attention we gave them and we were able to place them in a local church, where our local leader Olvin Mendez is the pastor.
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO8AFxFg3MI
  3. When we discovered that we had a group of 8 children who walked about 2 hours to get to the movie program from a community called “La Sierra”, we realized that God wanted us to go serve them. We realized that the area is a place where families come to occupy an empty lot with the hope that over time they can become the land owners; they have improvised houses and have organized themselves as a neighborhood council to be able to ask for the land. But while they carry out all these procedures, they do not have basic services such as: water, electricity, sewage, hospitals, a police station, internet, etc. The Lord led us to serve there, and we began the program meeting with these 8 children in a community soccer field, outdoors, and when it rained we would run to a neighbor’s house where he would let us finish our lesson.

Praise God the group has grown from 8 to 25 boys and girls! We had to divide them into 2 groups, boys and preteens. When the neighbors saw the work we were doing, they decided to lend us the communal house to meet.

Youth Directors of the Christian Missionary Alliance

Due to the great friendship generated in 2019 by our program in Pueblo Viejo, the C&MA of Honduras extended an invitation to our missionaries Daniel and Nayeli to lead the C&MA youth groups in Honduras, which are 6 congregations that are growing little by little – two in the city of La Esperanza – Intibucá and 4 a little further into the mountains. The problem is that until now they lacked programs for the new generations, which we are trying to develop to raise a generational leadership that little by little can develop their own programs and discipleship.

We are developing it in 2 ways:

  1. Virtual (in areas where there are cases of COVID-19)
    Using technology, we have been able to receive help from friends from other countries teaching through different programs that are entertaining but above all show the irresistible love of Christ.
  2. On-site (in areas where there are no COVID-19 cases)
    Always with the necessary precautions.
    Note: The video was made as a craft at the beginning, long before the pandemic started. At that time the use of a mask was not necessary.

Serve with us


You can come to serve with us from a month to however long the Lord guides you to serve, just like our friend Mathias Sovine, who was our first intern and helped us be able to define where God was leading us as Inca Link Honduras

Short-Term Missions Trip

You can come with a group to serve in our projects. We would love to have you and be able to use the gifts and talents that God has given you, like our friends at the “W Church” in Huntington Beach, California.

  • Ken (He shared the gospel with “magic tricks”)
  • Lori (He taught computer classes)
  • Charlie (He helped us with electricity projects)

As well as participating in our programs.