Ninawachi Mission Institute is in the small jungle town of Huaticocha. Teams going to serve alongside their ministry team will have the opportunity to serve on campus, on the school farms or enter local indigenous villages that need the love of Christ. The students and graduate missionaries are working to make disciples with children, youth and adults with the goal to plant churches where there are none. They are also helping the sick, distributing water filters, clothes, and school supplies. Ninawachi is a launching site for more remote work only accessible by canoe or small aircraft. Going into these remote villages is considered ‘extreme’ missions. 


Ninawachi’s vision is to reach out to the forgotten and impoverished jungle communities of Latin America with the love of Christ.


Ninawachi’s mission is to train indigenous youth to be missionaries and send them out to the forgotten people throughout the jungle regions to make disciples in these communities and connect them to the body of Christ.


With a scholarship, students pay $300 a year to receive training at Ninawachi. The actual cost to operate and train a student, however, is $1,300 a year. Although we are growing crops, teaching ESL to the local population to help meet the actual costs and working to be self sufficient within five years, we need the help of donations these first few years to cover the remaining $1,000 per year per student. Without donations to help provide these scholarships, our students would not be able to afford the training they are receiving. You can help.