Ministerios Manos de Cristo:

Shawn, Lisa, Meghan, and Emma Bradley followed God’s call to minister in Guatemala in 2011 to the poor and hurting in Guatemala City. They began a school sponsorship program that works to break the cycle of poverty in a poor area of Guatemala City primarily by educating children in a Christian school. The ministry also includes building cement block homes, repairing homes, teaching English, preaching in area churches, and caring for the sick and widowed. The family has also ministered at the Christian Academy of Guatemala, a missionary school in San Cristobal where Shawn was the Dean of Students and both Shawn and Lisa advised students and worked with them in discipleship.

The Bradleys were called back to the USA late 2017. Since then Rolando, a Guatemalan who was a great help to the Bradleys, and his family have been doing a great job of running the ministry in Guatemala with continued support from the Bradley family handling communication with sponsors in the U.S.

Since the Bradleys are now in the U.S. and the church provides Shawn with a salary, any money donated to the ministry, above and beyond child sponsorships, is to compensate Rolando’s family for the time and energy they spend on the ministry. It takes a lot of time to keep up with the sponsorship of 50 kids in two different cities at several different schools. It helps supplement the money he makes working as a contractor in the Tracks and other areas.

God has called them to live in Florida, but ministry still continues in Guatemala and they desire to continue to help as much as they can!

Thank you to those of you who continue to support the ministry financially and with your prayers. It is because of YOU that this ministry continues more than seven years after it began!