Portoviejo 7.8

One of the values of Inca Link is to bring hope to the destitute. Inca Link had plans to start a day care center near a garbage dump in Portoviejo, and after the earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit the coast of Ecuador in 2016, this day care program was desperately needed. Thus, Portoviejo 7.8 was started as a sponsorship day care center for kids whose families are in the garbage dump or are at risk in the community of Portoviejo, Ecuador. Portoviejo 7.8 provides a place for children to come, eat, learn about Jesus, and engage in fun activities such as crafts or sports with other children.

With your support of $50/month, your child will be able to attend the day care three days a week. This will provide for their needs to go to school (school supplies, uniforms, etc.).  I can’t express to you how much they appreciate your support!